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Offensive Pick Up Lines


Almost everyone knows the importance of having the right pickup lines when you need them. But you cannot always be prepared, or you like the girl so much that you maybe just forgot what you wanted to say.

So for you to be ready, it’s best maybe to just learn a few great pickup lines. However, to have a high rate of positive results you need two things: practice and to know which offensive pickup lines to avoid.

However, there are basically two schools of thought when it comes to this offensive pickup line, as there is no set answer as it all depends on the situation and how it is delivered.

Offensive pickup lines have gotten quite a bit of bad press of late, and that has been because of women’s magazines basically slamming their use and any guy who has ever used them in the first place.

Thus, many guys as well agree that using offensive lines is pretty bad publicity for the male breed, and to stoop to using them is a measure of desperation.

Usually, offensive pickup lines get used by guys who are either drunk or guys who are on a dare. Thus, one of the main reason that offensive pickup lines have received bad press across the board is that they are usually crude and degrading to women and will usually be made up of lines that often paint them as easy women who will fall at the feet of the men who repeat them.

Also, the men who do use these offensive pickup lines are not often portraits of the charming, debonair gentlemen who are well to do and good looking.

However, there is another side to this. Offensive pickup lines can actually be something of a boon to men if delivered the right way. The killer secret to this is to make light of the line and inject some humor in it.

Hence, guys who know what they are doing can try as many cheesy lines as they can night and actually gain some success. Use humor to your advantage and smooth out the offensive in the lines with a smile and maybe a light apology later on.

Break the ice a bit by admitting it was a line and that you would just like to talk to them and you didn’t know how to approach them.

Below are some offensive pick up lines that can help you:

• I will put you between F and CK if I could arrange the alphabets.

• Because only 300 ladies went down the Titanic, I am bigger and better than the Titanic.

• Let’s play house so that you can be the doorstep and I can bang you all day and night.

• Babe, do you want to come and see my hard drive? I promise you it’s not floppy and it is definitely not 3.5inches.

• There’s a Party in your Mouth and I want to Cum.

• Come and seat ontop of my laps, so we can see what pop’s up after that.

• Sweetheart, sex is a killer, do you want to die untimely?

• Hey babe, that shirt you have on is nice, can I talk you out of it

  • offensive pick up lines are boring, can we just fuck

• Your ass is so lawless! Yeah, it’s so firm.

• So I am looking for a girl like my mother, She knew her place, but in a good way.

• I really would wear you like a pair of glasses, one ankle over each ear.

• You got the teacups, cause I am bringing the teabags.

• You are looking so trashy babe, did you sleep in the garbage last night?

• Do you have a fucking problem? Because I can help you with that.

• I will bet you 200 bucks, which you can’t get all your clothes off in 30 seconds.

• I really do like the way you are wearing that shirt, but trust me, babe, it would look better on the floor.

• Babe, tell your nipples to quit staring at my eyes.

• Believe me; you can’t spell ‘thrust’ without us.

• I can’t figure out what you think of me, but I do hope it is X-rated.

• So the pants are having a party, can the pants come down too?

• The word of the day is ‘legs.’ So how about we go over to my place and spread the word.

• You intrigue me despite the fact that you are ugly.

• What’s a nice girl like you doing with a face like that?

• My intestines just blew you a kiss, in case you think I fart.

• Screw me if I am wrong, but aren’t you Julia Roberts?

• Let’s play circus, first of all, sit on my face, I will guess your weight, and I will eat the difference.

Those are some great examples of offensive pick up lines.

offensive pick up lines

offensive pick up lines will work when used right.

Additionally, the addition of drinks, loud music and the obvious nature of pubs and clubs (where pickup lines are most used as men are braver with liquid courage thanks to their drinks), the whole aura that surrounds pickup lines is still negative.

Hence, this line or any attempt from you to protect your ego by insulting you ultimately hurt you. Sure some girls are mean, but be the better person. Exit politely and with a smile… and say “Oh ok, thanks”…

The reason for this is that everyone else is watching… If they see you move in somewhere, say a few words, exit with a polite smile, while she says something politely… You’re assumed to be a cool guy who knows and greet hot girls.

Thus, if you exit after 2 seconds with the girl having this obvious “what an asshole” type of face, it’s obvious you’ve been rejected.

So be the better person, and no matter what she does, be nice and react as if she had politely said “No thanks, but you’re such an awesome guy,” to which you respond “Oh ya, well maybe some other time (smile), thanks.”

Just remember Offensive pick up lines even though they are funny they can get you into fights so Just be careful. 🙂

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